Training event for volunteers and staff – visit to see the film: Still Alice

Staff and Volunteers met with Trustees to watch the recently released film, Still Alice, starring Julianne Moore as the Professor of English who is diagnosed with early onset dementia.

This moving film portrays a woman coping with the first signs of dementia, and the dawning knowledge of what her diagnosis means. It explores sensitively her family’s various reactions to the increasing incidences of exposure of her failing mental powers.

Julianne Moore has said that she spent several months alongside people living with dementia, learning what was happening for them, and how they responded. The result is a convincing portrayal of a heartbreaking situation, which many people face day to day, and which we at Darnall Dementia Trust aim to understand and respond to.

Following the film, staff and volunteers discussed how they had felt seeing the film. Some people there had experience in their own families of a relative living with dementia. An enlightening and moving experience, everyone who attended gained from seeing this important film together, and having the chance to discuss it afterwards.