Learning Environment

Darnall Dementia Group provides placements for students. We actively encourage students to become part of the team and their opinions and recommendations are taken seriously.

The learning opportunities involve the students working closely with people who attend the group, carers, volunteers and other professionals.

“Before starting at Darnall Dementia Group I had very little knowledge about dementia and it is not an area I had considered working in prior to my placement. I had heard negative things about the care of older adults and that the standards were not very high. However after my first day with the group I realised that this was not the case. The level of care and support the volunteers and staff provide is of the highest standard and I think they do a brilliant job. The attendees of the group have such positive things to say about coming and appear to get enormous benefits from attending. They are always listened to and respected and their opinions valued. I have really enjoyed my placement at Darnall and will miss being a part of the group.”

Katy Jones
Student Mental Health Nurse (On placement Nov ’10)

“I really enjoyed my placement at Darnall Dementia Group. I thought it was an excellent example of person-centred care in practice. It was really rewarding to be part of a team who provided such a vital and much appreciated resource for people with dementia. I felt privileged to be given an insight into the lives of the service users, and as the weeks went by a real sense of their characters through their sharing of past experiences. I also gained insight into the difficulties experienced by those living with dementia.

I have seen how with positive support their lives continue to be fulfilling and enjoyable. It was great to work in such a positive, relaxed and friendly environment. The outings and activities organised for the group were thoughtful and stimulating, where fun was had by all”

Isobel Price
Student Mental Health Nurse (On placement March ’11)