Who are the staff?

The organisation is a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee. There is a board of Trustees, and they and the Staff make up the Management Committee.

The permanent Staff are:

Ayesha Heaton, who is the Development Work Manager, Beverly Graham, who is the Day Centre Co-ordinator, Peter Bemba, Day Care Worker, and Louise Dunn, Finance and Admin Worker (Michael Johnson providing temporary cover until May 2023).

Bev works alongside Ayesha to manage the Day Centre. She is responsible for the welfare of attenders whilst they are at the Centre, and for ensuring that their time spent there is as valuable and enjoyable as possible.

Ayesha receives all referrals and enquiries about the organisation, including volunteering. She can be contacted on 07946 501570

Loretta Keenan is now a regular Day Care Worker with us.

We are lucky to have had the support of Rosie Horsley in cases of absence in recent months as well.