We are reliant on Sheffield City Council for its grant, and on Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust for provision of the post of Clinical Manager and for office space, telephone and computer.

However, without extra donations from charitable bodies and individuals, we could not do the work as we do, including the provision of activities and resources at the level we are able to through this generous help.

We would like to thank all those who have made donations over the past year. Their generosity and support has not only helped us to continue running the day centre and providing outreach support but also allowed us to provide extra special events such as the day trip to Cleethorpes, the Christmas party, outings for lunch and other activities.

Those we would like to thank this year are:

Lisa and Tom Heller                                                                                                                 Ken and Madge Birtwhistle                                                                                                    Mr and Mrs Lycett,                                                                                                          Dinnington and District Horticultural Society,                                                                        Mr and Mrs Edler,                                                                                                                   Pamela Loughlin,                                                                                                              Beryl Sorsby,                                                                                                                      Linda Harrison on behalf of the Barnsley Road Surgery,                                                     Images of Art,                                                                                                             Margaret Fields in memory of Geoff Fields,                                                                             I and K Crane, D and K Griffiths and others in memory of Joan Kirby,                                   Barbara and David Hukin,                                                                                                       Mr and Mrs Couldwell.                                                                                                             Kath Horner and Dorothy Heath in lieu of gifts on the occasion of their civil partnership, Laura Ratcliffe and all her sponsors for the Chester marathon,                                           Mr and Mrs Dewsnap and others in memory of May Ward,                                               Nigel and June Chatterton,                                                                                           Lynsey Button and all her sponsors for the Rother Valley Run                                           Lynsey, Peter Bemba, Gail Mountain Owen and Steven and their sponsors for the Great Yorkshire Run                                                                                                                 Thank you to all those donors who wish to remain anonymous.

We would also like to thank:

  • All those who have contributed to the work of the Darnall Dementia Group over the past year.
  • To all those who contributed to the Management Committee: Janet Dore, Lisa Heller, Jack Czauderna, Gail Mountain.
  • Our finance officer Don Callister, and Mike King for producing our accounts.
  • The staff: Lynsey, Sheila, Peter and Louise,
  • All the volunteers.
  • Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust for providing office space
  • Hurlfield Resource Centre for supplying our meals.
  • Manor Community Transport – Paul Dyson our regular driver and Liz Fox the admin manager plus the other drivers that helped out when Paul was on holiday.
  • Sheffield Community Transport
  • All the support staff – Janet Dore, Kath Pardoe, Andrew Roberts, Fiona Williams, Jane Mckeown, Jack Czauderna Lisa Heller and Karen Ledger.
  • Reverend Linda Munt the vicar and Tony and Eileen from St Albans.
  • Sheffield City Council.
  • The grant making bodies who have supported us

If you would like to make a donation to our work it is possible to do so by sending a cheque made payable to “Darnall Dementia Trust” to:                                                             Darnall Dementia Trust, Lightwood House, Lightwood Lane, Sheffield S8 8BG                     or contacting Ayesha on 07468 501570