Touch Screen Technology Event – research and filming

Pics Touch Screen research 7.15  2

We recently enjoyed a day working with touch screens, exploring what is available, such as playing a variety of games, finding out facts, reminiscing with photographs and simply getting used to the technology. Some feedback was gathered from participants during and after the session:

On the Chime bars activity:   “I’m learning!”

“You’re frightened of touching it at first in case you break it.  When you touch it and it moves you get a bit nervous.  When you get used to it it’s OK.  I’ve joined in sometimes.”

“A good shot! Lovely save. Great shot!”  He was so engaged and animated – shuffled forward in his chair. “Let’s dance.” (Winning points.)

DDG touch screen research 7.15  15

One gentleman was asked if he was tired.  “No I’m not tired”.  He leant forward to try something else.  “You see everybody’s ideas.  It’s a change and highlighted my day.  I like it.”

Reflecting on his life – “We can’t grumble.  We don’t have to be important all the time.  Life is what you make it.”

“It’s been different, good.  I’ve enjoyed it.”

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“I can turn the sound up and down.”  This lady could also switch packages on and off.  She was really interested in all the activities.

“If anyone asks me, I’ve enjoyed it.”

“Who’s won?”

DDG touch screen research 7.15  18

“This is very good.  I’ve enjoyed these songs.”

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Everyone was interested the whole time, for about one and a half hours. Some were a bit reticent about touching the screen but watched and conversed.

The photograph package prompted lots of reminiscing about holidays, dancing, football, Girl Guides, the Royal family and favourite singers.  There was also much singing.  A rousing chorus of ‘O what a beautiful morning’ ended in harmony.

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