The iPad and the Garden

Sheila Manclark writes:

We purchased an iPad with part of a grant from the Westfield Foundation. Colleagues at Sheffield University loaded it with dementia friendly games, and it has proved a real hit with some of our attenders.


Favourites are Wordsearch, Hangman, and a game fitting blocks together.

In April this year we started clearing out the small patch of garden under the back window. We have several people attending who are keen gardeners, and soon we were growing flowers, tomatoes and runner beans. Some of these came from seeds, others from donated plants. We have been able to have cut flowers on the table every day, tomatoes have been harvested and tasted, and we had a fine crop of beans. The garden has provided a fantastic opportunity for some to get their hands dirty and get stuck in, others have enjoyed going outside and looking at it, and everyone has been able to appreciate the fresh flowers, and comment on the produce we grew. We are about to start planting bulbs so that next spring we can enjoy crocuses, daffodils and tulips.