A lovely letter

We received this letter from the nephew of one of our regular attenders. It sums up what we are about and very beautifully demonstrates how we aim to support people.
“Just a short note to thank you, Sheila and all the team for a wonderful day in Cleethorpes yesterday and particularly for ensuring sunshine! It really is hard to find words which truly describe the care and attention your team extended to everyone who came along. It really comes across that the team don’t just ‘care’ for your guests, they love them. A big, big thank you to everyone from three well loved guests.
“One interesting aspect came out of yesterday in respect of Margaret. She made many comments about Ronan (although naturally she cannot remember his name) about the fact that he had asked her to teach him how to make a scarf. On the way home we were talking about this and relating it to Margaret’s love of ‘crafts’, but what we realised was that it was the request, not the task or the object, that was important and we guess it made Margaret feel valued in a world where mostly she must feel dependent. I suppose we already knew this – the only way to get anything practical done in Margaret’s home is to involve her – but the example of Ronan’s request shone a bright light on your work and the impact it can have.”

Thank you to John, for taking the trouble to write to us. It is a letter we are very glad to have received as it says so much about what we aim to do.