We have a long list of volunteers to thank.  Everyone who has volunteered at Darnall Dementia Group has quickly fit into the ethos of the Group but has also brought their own individuality and expertise.  We have recruited many new volunteers but have also lost a good many: some have obtained paid employment, others have started courses or returned to their studies at Universities outside Sheffield.

As always our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds: people who are not in paid employment because they have retired or become unemployed, students who wish to gain some experience in a care setting, asylum seekers who cannot work in this country but wish to contribute to the community, people who just like coming!

The high numbers of volunteers means that most days we are able to provide almost one to one support to our attenders.  There have also always been willing hands to do the washing up after lunch and other chores.

Volunteers arrive before the Attenders so that they can be briefed on the plans for the day and learn anything new about the people attending which they might need to know.  They also help with setting out activities for the Day Centre.

When the attenders arrive everyone is then busy all day helping attenders participate in activities, chatting, finding out about one another, maybe having a game of dominoes or doing a Word Search together.  When the attenders leave the Day Centre on the mini bus the volunteers are then busy putting everything away and transforming St Alban’s back into a church.  They then have a meeting to discuss the day; any difficulties they have encountered or things that went well.

Volunteers also worked really hard participating in our Planning Day, AGM and trip to Cleethorpes when it is vital that we have lots of helpers.

Some of our volunteers were asked for their comments about volunteering at Darnall Dementia Group:


“I wanted to give something back for the help given to my mum, but I also get great pleasure being part of the group and enjoy the time spent with the people who come.”


“I enjoy coming because I feel at home with the attenders and volunteers.  I like helping others so that they feel good and loved.  Also when the attenders appreciate my help, that makes me enjoy myself and keep coming back as well.”


“Very rewarding.  Love helping.  Hoping they have a good day.”

Volunteers who have helped over the past year
Olayinka Adebayo Ayesha Cham
Katie Crookes Bryony Duckham
Sandra Galloway Gashaw Gezagehn
Janice Hobbs Jade Horsfield
Mahammed Saad Khan Bahareh Kalantari
Julia Kayondo Diana Maragh
Clarise Mattis Pezhman Mohamadi
Philip Mumberson Rucksar Naaz
Thembi Ndbele Eugene Kouadou Nguetta
Emma Njoroge Mustafa Osman
Juliette Simpson Owen Simpson
Kath Thomas Harjeet Walia
Andy Walker Neil Wingfield
Scott Winwood Gemma Wheller
Yuhui Zhou

Thanks to them all!