Waiting List

Prior to attending the centre each person will have been on the waiting list. During this time they will have received assessment visits, during which a decision can be made as to whether the person can be helped and supported by us, and at the same time, the visit can provide the person and their carers with some understanding of the services we offer. The person and their carers can develop an understanding of the group, they will have met and got to know a contact person which can make attending for the first time less daunting.

Anyone can make a referral to the group. Once the referral has been received an appointment with a registered mental health nurse is made. The initial meeting gives people with dementia and their carers an opportunity to share their experiences and concerns. It is understandable and expected that some people will have reservations about attending. The assessment visits allow time for questions to be answered and a trusting relationship to be developed.

We believe that everyone involved with the care of someone with dementia should be actively encouraged to take part in the care planning. The carers have an expertise that the paid workers at the centre will tap in to so that the best possible support can be given.

To make a referral, contact Sheila Manclark in the office on on 0114 2262116